The Legacy of Rev. Bleak E. Cycosis

 This web page has been created by me in order to preserve my Legacy
 as "The Bleak One".  In it I shall include the stories of my life as
 a servant of Eris Discordia, my Goddess. I shall also include various 
 information Eris and links to Her other devout worshipers.
 I myself am a member of the Discordians and have taken Strife and 
 Discord to be the aspects of Eris I worship most.  I once heard that 
 the only requirements to reach the aspect of Discordian Saint is that
 you must suffer lots.  I have felt pain, depression, and the encroaching
 grasp of both death and psycosis so I believe that I am deserving of 
 the status of Saint.  So with this page I declaire myself the Patron
 Saint of Depression.

The Patron Saint of Depression?

 Yes, indeed.  As such I will now be the primary focal point for
 all of the world's depression.  If you just lost your job, your
 family left you when you were 5, your wife of 23 years died in a
 horrible house fire, or your boyfriend just told you he has been
 cheating on you for 8 weeks and wants to break up.
 I will take your depression.
 I have achieved the state where you people out there can give your 
 pain and strife and I will convert it into a blessing.  The suffering 
 you feel you can give to me and I will place it within the Null Void I
 have been gifted with.
 As the Bleak One I can take your pain.

Bleak E. Cycosis
425 S 150th
Seattle, WA 98148
United States

 Here is my first poem, as I created it 3 months ago.  And here is the 
 first chapter of my story called The Brothers Three.

 Now before you begin to think of me as some self rightous fool, I
 suggest you first look at the world we live in and second visit 
 these pages devoted to Eris Discordia.  Then decide if you wish to
 think of me as a martyr or a Saint who's cause is just.

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